NTN Registration with FBR

Blog Post:NTN Registration with FBR
Written By: Sadiq Shiwari

This article answers the questions about NTN like what is NTN, purpose of NTN benefits of NTN, documents required for NTN and penalty for not having NTN.

Do you want to get an NTN (National Tax Number)?

The NTN (National Tax Number Certificate) can be obtained through the Free NTN Service of Taxocrate from the Karachi and Islamabad office. You can contact them with the required documents and information.

What is NTN?

NTN stands for a national tax number. It is issued from FBR to all those Pakistanis having taxable incomes.

NTN Registration with FBR

For what purposes is NTN required?

The Federal Board of Revenue requires taxpayers to obtain a National Tax Number (NTN) before making taxable transactions. National Tax Numbers (NTNs) are required for Income Tax, Sales Tax, and Federal Excise payments. NTNs can also be used to register for import and export through WeBOC or PSW in addition to taxation.

What are the benefits of having an NTN?

The benefits of obtaining a National Tax Number are numerous.

  1. To carry out state operations, every taxpayer must obtain a national tax number and file a return of income to the government.
  2.   In order to obtain a National Tax number, Assessees have to fill out tax forms and deposit tax in the government’s treasury, if they fall within the taxable slabs.

iii.  The assessor can request an exemption certificate if he/she qualifies for it.

  1.   Taxpayers can become members of the chamber of commerce and industry and take advantage of its services.
  2.   In addition, you have the option of claiming a tax refund.
  3. Reduced tax slabs for raw material imports for manufacturers.

vii. In order to make a shipment, exporters must obtain both Sales Tax and NTN registration.

Which documents are required for getting an NTN?

  1. Photocopy of CNIC
  2. Paid bill of electricity (not older than 3 months)

iii. Tenancy agreement or ownership documents of the residential premises

  1. Detail of Bank accounts (if any)

Is there any penalty for not having an NTN?

Yes. Businesses must display the NTN at their place of business as required by the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 and Income Tax Rules and  Regulations, otherwise face a fine of five thousand rupees.

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