A Trademark recognizes and differentiates the goods or services of one party from the other. The Trademark can be represented in terms of a word, symbol, image or design.

The Trademark Ordinance 2001, defines the rules and regulations of the acquisition of a trademark by any individual or a company. Trademark Registry (TMR) is an authorized body formed under the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) which serves as an administrative body, responsible to process the trademark applications and reserves the rights to grand the trademark. It is a federal government body and its jurisdiction regarding the trademarks is extended all over the country.

Role of Trademark Registry (TMR):

The TMR spread awareness among the masses especially business owners regarding the importance of trademarks. In the light of The Trademark Ordinance 2001, it encourages the entrepreneurs to get their trademark registered so that they could continue their services with a secured identity without getting into any intellectual property rights conflict with any other party.

The Trademark Registry (TMR) is governed by a Registrar and its offices are located in Karachi, Lahore and IPO headquarters in Islamabad.

Why Do We Need to Obtain a Trademark Certificate?

As mentioned above, obtaining a trademark registration certificate is essential. A trademark provides a business owner a unique identity that would differentiate his products and services from others offering a similar type of goods and services.

The Trademark Ordinance 2001, highlights the significance of having a trademark registration in Pakistan. A trademark gives the business owner legal rights to claim his intellectual property rights over his goods and services. If you have a registered trademark then no other party can introduce or claim a similar identity (in the form of words, symbol, image or design) as that of yours. Similarly, if you don’t have a trademark registration for your business, then you cannot claim your ownership on your business if someone else steals your identity by bringing similar goods or services with his own brand name. Therefore, you must have a trademark for your business to avoid any unfortunate intellectual property rights issues and conflicts in the future. The identity is established for once and it remains valid as long as your business exists.

Who Can Apply for a Trademark Registration in Pakistan?

Anyone who has any kind of business can apply for trademark registration. The applicant could be the owner/proprietor, partner, company, non-profit organization/trust or society.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Pakistan:

  • • The name/symbol/image/design of the desired trademark
  • • The name of the applicant (owner/proprietor, partner, company, non-profit organization/trust or society)
  • • The address of the applicant of the trademark
  • • List of goods and services that would be represented by the trademark
  • • The description of the type of trade of the applicant (service provider, merchant, wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer)
  • • A Power of Attorney in favor of the agent who would apply for the trademark on the behalf of the applicant

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