Trademark Registration in Karachi By No.1 Trademark Attorneys of Pakistan

Trademark Registration in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan By No.1 Trademark Attorneys

Trademark Registration in Karachi-Islamabad, Pakistan, by No. 1 Trademark Attorneys can be done through our trademark registration service. Trademark registration protects your brand. Our trademark registration attorneys register the trademark within a short period. Trademark Registration services in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore, Pakistan, are provided by our well-experienced and top Trademark Attorneys for nominal fees. Trademark registration is a requirement for protecting your brand. Trademark registration fees vary on a case-to-case basis. Trademark registration in Pakistan is not obligatory for every business, but it is required to protect your brand name. 

Our expert trademark attorneys and the best intellectual property lawyers in Pakistan can help you understand the advantages and requirements of Trademark Registration.

Our expert trademark attorneys and intellectual property lawyers will guide you through the advantages and requirements of Trademark Registration. An individual’s trademark application is filed along with an official fee to be paid in the form of a challan, which can also be downloaded from the IPO website along with the requisite form in case it has not been submitted/filed by anyone else before submission of your trademark registration request. 

Trademark Registration in Pakistan is a lengthy process. We try to reduce the processing time.

Trademark registration is a lengthy process, but it is our best to reduce the processing time. As you know, we offer trademark registration services in major cities in Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. Taxocrate is a well-known trademark registration law firm to get your trademark registered in Pakistan.

Legal Requirement of Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Trademark registration in Pakistan is a legal requirement to protect your brand name. Pakistan is a member of the Paris Convention, and its Trade Marks Ordinance, 2001, covers a wide range of goods and services. It categorizes goods and services into 45 classes, ranging from 1 to 34. Class 45 concerns the use of identical or deceptively similar trademarks on goods that are not similar to the registered mark.

Costs of Trademark Registration in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore,  Pakistan

Registration of a trademark is not an easy process, but there are a few things to be aware of. The Trade Marks Ordinance of 2001 is the law governing trademarks in Pakistan. The country is a member of the Paris Convention, and its trademark registration period is ten years, renewable indefinitely, for successive ten-year periods. In Pakistan, trademark registration fees, including a trademark attorney’s professional fee and miscellaneous expenses, may be Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000, according to the nature of the case. The process of trademark registration takes 6 to 12 months in Pakistan. 

With our trademark registration service, you can register your trademark with No.1 trademark attorneys in Karachi, Islamabad. Your brand is protected by trademark registration.

Several Factors Affect The Cost of Trademark Registration in Karachi, Pakistan

Several factors may affect the cost of trademark registration in Pakistan. The application fees are based on an unopposed application. However, through our trademark registration service, you can register a trademark with one of the best trademark attorneys in Karachi and Islamabad. Trademark registration provides brand protection.

Our Law Firm Offers Your Brand Protection in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan 

A trademark requires protection, which makes it vital for any business. Once registered, the trademark will make your business stand out from competitors. Also, you won’t have to worry about copyright problems, such as infringement. Fortunately, there are plenty of trademark consultations in Pakistan and numerous intellectual property and law firms offering brand protection. TAXOCRATE (Pvt) LIMITED in Karachi and Islamabad is one of the top-rated companies offering Trademark Attorney services to its valuable clients.

Trademark Registration in Pakistan is Expensive 

Trademark registration in Pakistan from the Intellectual Property Organization requires a lot of money, so budget accordingly. There are various ways to save money and avoid unnecessary delays. Consider applying for trademark registration in Pakistan through a trademark attorney to make things easier. You’ll save money, time, and effort by having an experienced lawyer file your application. You’ll be able to start enjoying the protection you deserve quickly.

Our trademark registration service provides trademark registration by the top trademark attorneys in Karachi and Islamabad. Registering your trademark is essential to protect your brand.

Classification of Trademarks in Pakistan

In Pakistan, trademarks are protected by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). However, a successful application must be filed within the appropriate timeframe. Once a trademark application is approved, it is published in the Trademarks Journal for public opinion. During this period, third parties are permitted to oppose the trademark. However, the trademark application is automatically registered if no objections are filed within the required period.

Indicative Marks or Symbols For A Trademark

A trademark may designate goods and services used in trade. These trademarks may also indicate their intended purpose, geographical origin, production time, or other characteristics. They may be indicative marks, customary symbols, or combinations of those. Trademark applications must meet the requirements of the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan and must be distinguishable from those of other traders. To avoid confusion, it is essential to ensure that trademark applications are filed within the correct class.

Trademark Protection is Vital For Your Business Reputation

Trademark registration protects a company’s image and brand. Once a trademark is registered, the owner has the exclusive rights to use, sell, or license the mark. In addition, registration prevents others from using similar marks. Once registered, a trademark remains protected indefinitely. For trademark protection, protection is vital for a business’s reputation and image. It is not just a legal requirement but also a practical one.

IPO’s Trademark Registry is a Federal Government Body of Pakistan

The IPO maintains a separate trademark registry, which grants protection for trademarks. This federal government body has jurisdiction throughout Pakistan. The Trademarks Registry functions as a civil court, and its decisions are appealable to the provincial high courts. The Registrar of Trademarks is based in Karachi, where applications are filed and appealed. The fees for registering a trademark in Pakistan are due in cash.

Processing Time and Validity of Trademark Registration in Pakistan

The process of registering a trademark takes approximately 6 to 12 months. Upon registration, however, a trademark will be protected for ten years, with the right to renew for an additional ten years. Additionally, it offers several benefits, including being registered in more than one country.

Trademark Must Not Be Deceptive

To obtain trademark registration in Pakistan, you must first prove your business idea is unique. It should be so unique that no one else has the same idea as you do. This way, you can avoid lawsuits if someone else uses a similar name. You must also ensure your trademark is not deceptively similar to another registered one. Once registered, your trademark can be protected in Pakistan for ten years.

Trademark Must Not Be Identical To Anyone

You must check whether your trademark is protected in Pakistan by applying for registration under the Pakistan Intellectual Property Organization’s Trademarks Ordinance. After you have filed your application, the trademark registry will analyze it. This means that your trademark isn’t identical to anyone else’s. The head office of the trademark registry publishes the trademark journal every Monday. The trademark registration process in Pakistan from the Intellectual Property Organization is complex. 

Slight Alterations to The Trademark Doesn’t Matter

Before registering your trademark in Pakistan, you should use it exclusively for your business. If you don’t, a challenger may claim fraud, and you’ll have to fight back. Having dated evidence is essential for proving your trademark’s validity in Pakistan. Even slight alterations to the trademark won’t matter because courts in Pakistan consider it to be continuously used, not merely for the sake of protecting the brand.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Trademark registration can be a great option if you are considering launching a new business. The Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan has made the process easier by establishing the trademark registry. The trademark registry checks and analyzes the application under the Trademarks Law to ensure it does not exist. It will also determine if the trademark resembles another person’s denomination. The trademark registry publishes a journal on Mondays; anyone can read it to determine if their application is successful.

Formalities For Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Certain formalities need to be completed before filing any trademark application. Once you have applied for your trademark, it is published for opposition within four months of its filing date. This is. This is to protect other people’s trademarks that are similar or identical to yours. If there is no opposition after publication, TMR will issue a trademark registration certificate for this trademark, which can be used as evidence against infringements of your trademark rights under section 38(a) of Trademark Ordinance 2001 (as amended). 

Filing of Form TM 55 For Search, Before Registration of Trademark

To register a trademark in Pakistan from the IPO, you must first determine whether it is registered. You can search for trademarks online or through a brand registration consultant in Pakistan. For this purpose, you must fill out Form TM 55, which describes your desired trademark and checks whether any resemblance exists with an already registered trademark. Once you have completed the form, you can proceed to the next step and obtain your trademark.

Time Required For Trademark Registration, Validity and Renewals

Once you have filed your application, you should wait between 6 and 12 months for the trademark to be registered. The trademark is valid for ten years from the filing date and can be renewed for another ten years. If you decide not to renew the trademark after this period, you can get it removed from the registry if it becomes redundant or outdated. You can also apply if you are a citizen of Pakistan or have a business in Pakistan.

Issuance of Trademark Registration Certificate & Renewal

Once your application has been registered, you will receive a Trademark Registration Certificate from the Intellectual Property Organization. The registration certificate is valid for ten years and can be renewed for an indefinite period of time. It must be renewed every ten years, with an annual fee of Rs. 15,000/ per trademark. If you do not renew it, you will lose your trademark after ten years. To recover your trademark, follow the Rules of Trademark Registration in Pakistan.

Legal Basis of Trademark Registration in Pakistan

Registration of a trademark in Pakistan may be complex, as several factors need to be considered. The trademark must be distinctive enough to distinguish it from others. A registered trademark may be confusingly similar to a competitor’s, so it’s important to remember this when choosing a mark. Sometimes, a common word can be easier to register than a more distinctive trademark.

A Registered Trademark is Transferable

A registered trademark can be transferred to another entity or assigned or licensed. The previous business may not use a trademark assigned to another entity. In such cases, a change of address, name, or license is acceptable. A registered mark may be amended as long as it does not significantly change the mark’s identity or the list of goods it covers. Any amendments to a trademark must be recorded in an official register.

Priority Date For Trademark Usage

Before filing a trademark application, you need to make sure you have a priority date. If another trademark has already been registered in a convention country, Pakistan must file a trademark application within six months. In the meantime, the Registrar will review the trademark application to ensure it’s not confusing or conflicting with other trademarks. Depending on the backlog, the examination process can take three months to a year.

Registration of Trademark in Other Countries

Trademark registration in Pakistan requires registering an IP in the country where you intend to sell your products or services. It is important to note that U.S. trademarks and patents will not protect you in Pakistan. If you decide to sell your products in Pakistan, you must retain local counsel and seek advice from attorneys.

Best Attorney For Trademark Registration in Karachi

Are you interested in registering a trademark for your products, or the logo of your business in Karachi, Islamabad or Rawalpindi? If yes, then you’re at the right place. Best attorney for trademark registration is available in our Karachi office as well as in the Islamabad office to help you register your trademark with the IPO in order to protect your business from infringement by others. Your needs will be met at every step of the process by our team of experts. Having worked with businesses just like yours for over 36 years, you can trust us!

Don’t wait any longer! Apply now and allow our expert lawyers to take care of the rest! Is there anything else you could want? It’s fast, easy, and affordable. Take action now before it’s too late!

We know what we’re doing when it comes to trademarks and patents here at TAXOCRATE; we have over 36 years of experience helping companies protect their brands and get ahead of competitors through our patent services in Pakistan. Our team has helped clients all over the world file applications for trademarks and patents with local authorities across the country. 

trademark registration in Pakistan (Karachi-Islamabad)

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Talk to our Trademark Specialist Attorney today about getting started on filing an application for a Trademark Registration!

Please call Mr. Syed Mohsin Ali Shah, Senior Trademark Attorney Ph: 0331 6644789 at TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited, Karachi, from 10-00 AM to 8-00 PM (PK Time) for the Trademark  registration/Copyright registration or for any other relevant information/work regarding business registration.


A trademark recognizes and differentiates the goods or services of one party from the other. The trademark can be represented in terms of a word, symbol, image, or design. Trademarks can be represented in a variety of ways, including words, names, symbols, and images. Each trademark must be distinctive to succeed. In the event that your products are not distinctive enough, no one will know how to differentiate them from others, so they will lose all their effect!


You require a trademark certificate for several reasons:

– To prove that you are using a particular trademark;

– It provides evidence of ownership;

– It secures your intellectual property rights;

– It verifies your rights;

– It protects you against third-party infringement;

– It provides relevant information about your rights.


In order for a trademark to be effective, it should be distinctive. If they aren’t distinctive enough, nobody will be able to distinguish them from other trademarks, so they won’t have any effect.  

A trademark certificate, or trademark registration, is an invaluable component of your trademark registration. A trademark certificate identifies your intellectual property and can be extremely useful.


Trademark Registration gives you exclusive rights to use that mark in Pakistan, and it can help prevent others from taking advantage of your brand without permission. If someone else takes advantage of your trademarked name or logo, they could be infringing on your intellectual property rights. Registering a trademark will give you legal recourse if this happens. It’s also critical for protecting yourself against copycats who might try to pass off their products as yours by using similar branding techniques like logos or taglines. You don’t want people confusing one product for another – especially when it comes to something like food! Protecting yourself now can save you headaches down the line, so contact us today about filing an application for trademarks in Pakistan!


If you have a business in Pakistan and want to acquire a trademark, then you should know that trademarks are an invaluable part of any successful company. They distinguish your products from the competition and help build your brand identity. 

A trademark recognizes and differentiates the goods or services of one party from the other. The trademark can be represented in terms of a word, symbol, image, or design.


The Trademark Ordinance 2001, defines the rules and regulations for the acquisition of a trademark by any individual or a company. Trademark Registry (TMR) is an authorized body formed under the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) which serves as an administrative body, responsible for processing trademark applications and reserves the rights to grant the trademark.


A word mark is any trademark that uses words, letters, or numerals in its representation such as “Coca-Cola” which has been registered under class 30 of the Trademark Registry (TMR). Word marks are usually better if your product name doesn’t have any particularly distinctive features. This is because they’re more straightforward to register however they do come with their own sets of disadvantages too. Some examples of well-known trademarks include Google, Facebook, Ferrari, Baywatch, etc. A sound mark on the other hand is a trademark that only exists through its original sounds. The Nokia ringtone cannot be described in words or images! This one can be more difficult to trademark because it’s not easy to protect the sound mark by law.


A device trademark is any trademark that consists of a design or shape which can’t be represented through words, letters, or numerals such as the Nike Swoosh logo! This one falls under International Class 16 and National Class 25 for Pakistan. Design marks are easier than word marks but more difficult than other trademark types because there are no boundaries with what you may come up with. This requires creativity from your side especially if you want something distinctive enough to stand out in terms of uniqueness.


A collective trademark is one in which the trademark rights are owned by a group of people or organizations for the purpose of preventing misuse. Collective trademarks can only be registered under class 45 of the Trademark Registry (TMR).

Trademark Registration under Trademark Ordinance 2001

A Trademark recognizes and differentiates the goods or services of one party from the other. The Trademark can be represented in terms of a word, symbol, image or design.

The Trademark Ordinance 2001, defines the rules and regulations of the acquisition of a trademark by any individual or a company. Trademark Registry (TMR) is an authorized body formed under the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO-Pakistan) which serves as an administrative body, responsible to process the trademark applications and reserves the rights to grant the trademark. It is a federal government body and its jurisdiction regarding trademarks is extended all over the country.

Role of Trademark Registry (TMR):

The TMR spreads awareness among the masses, especially business owners, regarding the importance of trademarks. In the light of The Trademark Ordinance 2001, it encourages the entrepreneurs to get their trademark registered so that they could continue their services with a secured identity without getting into any intellectual property rights conflict with any other party.

The Trademark Registry (TMR) is governed by a Registrar and its offices are located in Karachi, Lahore and IPO headquarters in Islamabad.

Why Do We Need to Obtain a Trademark Certificate?

As mentioned above, obtaining a trademark registration certificate is essential. A trademark provides a business owner a unique identity that would differentiate his products and services from others offering a similar type of goods and services.
The Trademark Ordinance 2001, highlights the significance of having a trademark registration in Pakistan. A trademark gives the business owner legal rights to claim his intellectual property rights over his goods and services. If you have a registered trademark then no other party can introduce or claim a similar identity (in the form of words, symbol, image or design) as that of yours. Similarly, if you don’t have a trademark registration for your business, then you cannot claim your ownership on your business if someone else steals your identity by bringing similar goods or services with his own brand name. Therefore, you must have a trademark for your business to avoid any unfortunate intellectual property rights issues and conflicts in the future. The identity is established for once and it remains valid as long as your business exists.

Who Can Apply for a Trademark Registration in Pakistan?

Anyone who has any kind of business can apply for trademark registration. The applicant could be the owner/proprietor, partner, company, non-profit organization/trust or society.

Trademark Registration

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Pakistan:

  •  The name/symbol/image/design of the desired trademark
  •  The name of the applicant (owner/proprietor, partner, company, non-profit organization/trust or society)
  •  The address of the applicant of the trademark
  •  List of goods and services that would be represented by the trademark
  •  The description of the type of trade of the applicant (service provider, merchant, wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer)
  •  A Power of Attorney in favor of the agent who would apply for the trademark on the behalf of the applicant


Our Trademark Attorney's Service

Taxocrate is a team of experienced trademark attorneys in Karachi and Islamabad who will take care of all the requirements of the trademark registration for your business or product. Our expert trademark attorneys will guide you throughout the process and make sure that all the legal requirements are met flawlessly. 

Trademark registration by No. 1 trademark attorneys in Karachi, Islamabad is possible through our trademark registration service. Protecting your brand with a trademark is important.    

Our trademark attorney will do all the work related to trademark registration, including application and processing of the trademark. We at Taxocrate have years of work experience in the fields of trademark registration, company registrationNTN registrationincome taxsales tax, accounts & audit, etc. We take pride in the trust of our much-valued clients.

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