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Online NTN Inquiry-Verify Your NTN Online

ONLINE NTN VERIFICATION - 3 Simple Ways For Online FBR NTN, STRN Inquiry-Verify Your NTN Online

Online NTN verification and Online NTN STRN inquiry: Simple Ways for FBR NTN STRN Inquiry and online NTN verification. Inquire and check/verify your NTN & STRN from FBR site. Online NTN, STRN inquiry service of FBR is a great facility for taxpayers of Pakistan.

Online FBR NTN verification and Online NTN STRN inquiry: 3 Simple Ways for NTN STRN Inquiry and online NTN verification. Inquire and check/verify your NTN & STRN online from FBR site. Visit and inquire/check your NTN, STRN right now. This online inquiry service of FBR is a great facility for taxpayers of Pakistan. There are simple ways for online NTN STRN Inquiry for online check and verify your NTN & STRN from FBR site. Online NTN, STRN inquiry service of FBR is really unparalleled. NTN Verification can also be done via SMS. The online NTN verification service of FBR was started a few years back. You can verify NTN in 3 simple ways. People inquire us about NTN verification, FBR registration, online NTN check and verify, Verification of NTN from FBR, NTN verification by CNIC, FBR  filer status, etc. So here we provide the easiest way for online NTN verification or online NTN verification, online NTN inquiry, or online verification.

FBR NTN Check/Verification through SMS

Follow the steps below for your FBR NTN number online verification. There are 3 different ways for users to verify their National Tax Number (NTN) – either through the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) official website or through their mobile app, which allows online NTN verification easily. The 3rd way is extremely simple. Just write a text message (SMS) on your mobile phone in this way:

ATL (space)(Your 13 Digit CNIC No without spaces)
Then Send it to 9966

You will get a reply from FBR describing your Name, Registration No (Your CNIC No), ATL Status: Active or Inactive. This will be a verification that you not only have your NTN, but you are a Filer as well.

NTN Verification Online


It is quite easy to get online NTN verification from FBR in Pakistan. All that you need to do is go to the FBR’s website in order to obtain the verification of the NTN online. You will notice that the ‘Online Services’ tab will appear when you move your mouse over the left-hand side of the website. You will be redirected to the Online Verification Services web page as soon as you click the “Online Verification Portal”. Various inquiry tabs are available on the left side of the page. Select the NTN/STRN inquiry tab. On the following page, you will find the following information:

FBR NTN Inquiry: Online NTN Verification/Check in Just 2 Steps

For your NTN online verification, you have to take just 2 steps; (1)Visit FBR’s Taxpayer’s Profile Inquiry webpage for your NTN’s verification and put your NTN number or CNIC Number in the required field, and then (2) write the captcha. After putting the correct Captcha, press the “Verify” button, and you will see your complete NTN information on the next screen. You can print this info or save it as a .pdf file, and this is your NTN. You would be amazed how simple and easy is online NTN verification!

Free FBR NTN Inquiry is Easy: Online NTN Verification From FBR at our Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad Offices

We have offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, where you can obtain the free NTN Verification Service. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses in the past, dealing with a variety of issues. In addition to handling NTN registration and verification processes for individuals and businesses, we handle various legal documents and procedures. Additionally, we will handle your tax returns and NTN registration, as well as your appeals, so you can focus on running your business peacefully. We are available to assist you at any time. Give us a call to receive a free NTN verification today.

NTN is a Number For Taxpayer's Identification: Verify NTN

The NTN is a number issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which is used for the taxpayer’s identification purposes. It helps in the documentation and record-keeping of businesses, and also allows them to register with different government agencies and institutions, such as the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI). NTN is also required to file tax returns, an essential component of any business. Check and verify your NTN as there are many benefits associated with having an NTN. For example:

NTN identifies you as a taxpayer so that you can claim any refunds due to overpaid taxes; it helps prevent fraud by ensuring your identity is verified before any transactions take place.

Getting FBR NTN & Online NTN Verification

To get an NTN, you must fill out an online form at FBR’s IRIS website and submit it. The form will ask for basic information such as your name, address, email address, and phone number. You should also include any documentation that may be required with your application, such as proof of residence or other documents that show the source of income that you are declaring on the form. If you do not have this information ready when filing for your NTN application, it may take longer than usual for processing time. After obtaining your NTN number, you can verify it through FBR’s online NTN verification facility.

Online NTN Registration and Online NTN Verification/Check Made Easy!

Through the online IRIS Portal, NTN Registration with FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has been made very easy by following simple six steps.
The first step is to open the FBR (FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE) IRIS portal.
The second step is to select the e-enrollment / registration form
The third step is to fill out the E-enrollment / registration form
The fourth step involves logging into the FBR’s IRIS portal.
The sixth step is to submit Form 181 (Income Tax Voluntary Registration Form 181)
The sixth step is to download your registration certificate
Individuals, AOPs, companies, or foreign nationals must enroll online for NTN registration through the FBR (FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE) IRIS portal.
NTN Registration Number will be based on 13 digits of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) for individuals.
Upon E-Enrollment for companies or AOPs through FBR’s IRIS Portal, a 7-digit NTN is issued.

Simply verify online your NTN via the FBR website within a  Minute


After registering your NTN, you can online verify your NTN via the FBR website. The NTN number can be entered in the search bar on their website and then ‘searched’. The screen will display your personal information, such as your name, registration date, and address.

Online STRN (Sales Tax Registration Number) Inquiry


Online NTN Inquiry-Verify Your NTN Online

Three Easy Ways for NTN STRN Inquiry and NTN Verification Online: 3 Simple Ways for NTN STRN Inquiry and NTN Verification Online. 

From the FBR website, you can inquire and check/verify your NTN and STRN. Now you can inquire/check your NTN, STRN on 

Taxpayers of Pakistan can use this service to inquire about their tax status. FBR has several ways for online NTN STRN Inquiry for online verification of your NTN & STRN. 
Inquiry services provided by FBR for NTN and STRN are unmatched. SMS-based NTN verification is also available. Several years ago, FBR began offering an online NTN verification service. 
NTN can be verified in three ways. People ask us about NTN verification, FBR registration, online NTN check and verify, NTN verification by CNIC, FBR  filer status, etc. 

Thus, we have provided the simplest way to verify NTN online, or to verify NTN online, or to verify NTN online.

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