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Taxocrates (Pvt) Limited, one of Pakistan’s most renowned corporate law companies, provides SECP company formation/registration/incorporation services to the majority of Pakistani companies. We provide accurate and affordable services for other corporate matters in addition to company formation/registration/incorporation to help our clients reach their company formation goals. Creating a new company in Pakistan requires covering all major aspects of corporate services. We have a dedicated team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Tax professionals as well as Cost and Management Accountants with extensive experience and proficiency.  Our team has exclusive expertise in the field of company formation/registration/incorporation services in Pakistan, income tax advisory, sales tax filing, bookkeeping services, company, customized accounting software development, trademark, internal audit, logo registration, company name selection as well as other company formation solutions. 

Our consultants at TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited set an initial meeting with the clients to provide customized company formation services along with company formation/registration/incorporation in Pakistan. Our clients belong to different sectors of the economy. We have been offering our professional services for company formation/registration/incorporation in Pakistan since 1985 to set entirely new standards in the field of corporate matters and tax consultancy. From our range of services, one can easily get an idea of our professional approach to successfully register your company anywhere in Pakistan. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the authorized department to register companies in Pakistan and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) takes care of the company taxation matters. We provide complete support to our clients for the formation of new company in Pakistan in compliance with FBR and SECP.  Feel free to contact TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited team for any further company formation or company formation/registration/incorporation services

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Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited Company Registration Tax Lawyers and Consultants

Company Formation/Incorporation Service in Pakistan:

You can trust us to get all the following jobs done quickly for the registration of your new company in Pakistan. Step-by-step process of company formation/registration/incorporation in Pakistan by TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited includes:

  • Application for checking availability of a company name and reservation.
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association of the company.
  • Drafting of Articles of Association of the company.
  • Filing of Documents with Registrar of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) for confirmation of Name availability.
  • Collection of company formation/registration/incorporation Certificate from concerned authorities.
  • Opening of a bank account in the company’s name.

Company Formation Advisory & Consultancy in Pakistan:

Starting a business in Pakistan with a great idea may not be enough to guarantee success. Several businesses have failed as a result of very minor mistakes made at the beginning of the endeavor. If you want to start a business in Pakistan, contact TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited consultants. Today, we still provide a range of corporate services to businesses from various sectors of the economy which outsource us from company formation onwards. Please visit our portfolio for more information about our company incorporation free advisory services. We assist our clients from choosing a company name and location to managing investments in the company formation process. We provide consulting services such as:

  • Market research and competitive analysis for company formation.
  • Cost estimation for business start-up services.
  • Financing for the company formation.
  • Company name selection.
  • Business structure selection.
  • Choosing a location for the new business.

Post-formation services for companies in Pakistan:

TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited assists clients in establishing a new business entity in Pakistan. With the growth of law enforcement agencies in Pakistan, it has become increasingly difficult to start a company in compliance with the regulatory authorities. In order to start a business smoothly, entrepreneurs must follow the procedures and guidelines set by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The formation of new business entities can be done throughout Pakistan by the TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited team. With TAXOCRATE (Pvt) Limited, your business can run smoothly without any hurdles of non-compliance. Here are some of the features we offer:

  • Post-registration services for corporations.
  • Insurance services for new corporations.
  • Financial management of businesses.
  • Recruitment of employees.
  • Keeping accounts and reconciling accounts.
  • Preparation and filing of new business taxes.
  • Support during the startup process.
  • Audits of newly formed companies.
  • Minimizing business risks.
  • Reducing taxes and penalties.

Benefits & Advantages OF company Formation Registration Incorporation


It is common for business owners to mix their business money with their personal wealth. There is nothing wrong with the aforementioned practice so long as the business is profitable, but let’s look at the reverse situation.  Under the Companies Act, 2017, the Government can even take the personal property of the proprietor to settle the debts of the business if you have not registered your company as a private limited company. 

Smart businessmen register their companies to protect themselves against this risk. When a company is incorporated, owner liability is secure. Due to the fact that a private limited company is a separate legal entity, shareholders are only liable for the capital they invested.

The liability of a company registered as a Private Limited Company is limited to its capital, so no personal assets of the Directors or Shareholders are involved.

The formation of a Private Limited Company will minimize your business risks, so it is important to register your company.

Enhancement of Good will and Positive Effects of a Company

It gives a positive impression to your customers that your company is incorporated. Unregistered small businesses are perceived as less serious than properly registered companies. The benefits of business visas and loans from banks are also two of the top reasons to register your business.

Strengthening capacities of company for larger projects

It gives a positive impression to your customers that your company is incorporated. Unregistered small businesses are perceived as less serious than properly registered companies. The benefits of business visas and loans from banks are also two of the top reasons to register your business.

Company Formation/ Registration/ Incorporation Reduces The Tax Burden

The total income of a sole proprietor is taxed. But for business entities registered as Private Limited Companies, the tax rate is based on the income they generate or, in other words, the following formula is used to calculate the tax rate:

Total Income minus (-) Total Expenses = Net Profit x Tax Rate = Total Tax Due 

Thus, registration/formation/incorporation of a company saves you from paying additional taxes.

benefits company formation

Having Double Benefits in Company

Registration of a company has many benefits for directors. Directors receive remuneration as directors, while shareholders receive dividends when the firm makes profits.