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About PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council)

PEC is the governing and regulatory body in Pakistan that controls the affairs of the engineering profession. The organization participates in various governmental actions for the betterment of Pakistani engineers. Additionally, they represent Pakistani engineers on a global stage.

When the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) was formed?

PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) was established in 1976, under the PEC Act, 1976. 

What are the responsibilities of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)?

Engineers in Pakistan are governed by the Pakistan Engineering Council. Among PEC’s primary responsibilities is to regulate discipline and play a significant role in enhancing economic growth throughout the country.

PEC Registration Pakistan engineering council

What is the Pakistan Engineering Council's role in helping engineers?

For decades, PEC has worked to improve the lot of engineers and have solved many problems bothering them. Moreover, the organization has introduced different rules in various universities of Pakistan. Furthermore, PEC introduced the OBE rule which has become a hallmark of modernization in Pakistani engineering universities. Moreover, the development of Engineers is also the responsibility of PEC.


Registration of engineers of whole Pakistan is a responsibility of The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Among other things, the PEC is responsible for:

  • The PEC is responsible for the registration of engineers
  • The PEC provides consultation to the engineers
  • The PEC accredits university engineering programs
  • PEC ensures the development of professionals
  • PEC serves as a think tank for the federal government
  • PEC sets engineering standards
  • The PEC offers a range of services in addition to safeguarding the interests of its members

For all engineers in Pakistan, PEC registration is essential; therefore, all civil engineers, petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers must be registered.

The PEC further enhances the creativity of engineering bodies by facilitating their work and regulating it. In fact, PEC acts as the custodian of engineering.

Requirements For PEC Registration

Company/Firm’s NTN 

Company/Firm’s Registration Certificate

Company’s/Firm’s Bank Account Maintenance Certificate

Company’s Address & Contact Information

Director’s/Partner’s Details with CNIC Copies

Proof of Employed Engineer/Engineers

Free Consultants

    TAXOCRATE assists Contractors & Engineering Companies for Membership of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

    At Taxocrate, we appreciate the engineering services of PEC & respect it greatly because of its importance in great national cause. There are six categories for the registration of constructors, contractors and engineering service companies, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5, and C-6. We facilitate contractors and engineers and assist them in the documentation and process of registrations with PEC.  We provide the following services:


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