Company Registration/Company Incorporation & Firm Registration Guide in Karachi & Islamabad

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Company Registration & Firm Registration Process in Karachi and Islamabad

Company Registration Process is Much Easier Than Firm Registration in Karachi & Islamabad!

Company Registration/Company Incorporation & Firm Registration Guide in Karachi & Islamabad: Company Registration Lawyers suggest to register a company but don’t …. For incorporation of a  company in Islamabad is much easier than registration of a partnership firm. You have to attend the firm registration office, with your partners and two witnesses of your partnership deed, duly printed on a stamp paper and attested by a Notary Public. You all, should have almost a full day to be present before an Honourable Registar/Assistant Registrar. Some times, you may have to visit the next day, if the Honourable officer is busy in a meeting with his staff or senior officer or even with his personal friends or relative. On the other hand, we can get your private company (plc or llc) within a day or two, without any attested partnership deed on stamp paper, without visiting any registrar office, without bringing your partners and witnesses. You will get your company registered and receive your computerized company incorporation certificate and other relevant documents the very next day of your application, while in contrast, you could be able to get your manual partnership firm registration certificate after a week, if no objection is raised by the Honourable Assistant Registrar or any other “Sarkari Babu”. 

Company registration in Karachi-Islamabad

Company Registration Process in Pakistan

The company registration process in Pakistan is straightforward and efficient. To begin, gather the necessary documents and submit them to the relevant government department. Follow the guidelines provided and ensure all details are accurate. Company registration plays a vital role in establishing a legal entity for your business, granting you numerous benefits and opportunities for growth.

Properly Completing the Company Registration

When undertaking the company registration process, it is essential to understand the requirements and steps involved. Ensure you have the necessary documents, such as identification, address proof, and business details. Once all paperwork is in order, submit the application to the designated authorities. Properly completing the company registration ensures a smooth transition to conducting your business activities legally and with peace of mind.

Company Registration Establishes Your Business as a Legitimate Entity

For entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in Pakistan, company registration is a critical step. By registering your company, you gain legal recognition and protection, instilling trust and confidence in your customers and stakeholders. The company registration process establishes your business as a legitimate entity, enabling you to access various benefits, including financial assistance, legal rights, and tax advantages.

Registering a Company in PK

Registering a company in PK is a crucial step towards establishing a legal entity for your business. By following the prescribed procedures and submitting the necessary documentation, you can ensure a smooth company registration process, enabling you to operate with credibility and unlock opportunities for growth.

Our Company Registration Services

Our company registration services are tailored to assist you throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. With our expertise in company registration, we handle all the necessary paperwork, legal requirements, and formalities, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Trust us to simplify the company registration process and help you establish your business successfully.

Company Registration Made Easy: Simplifying Your Business Journey

At TAXOCRATE, we understand the complexities of company registration. Our goal is to make the process easy and hassle-free, simplifying your business journey. With our expert guidance and streamlined approach, we ensure a smooth company registration experience, empowering you to focus on what you do best—building and growing your business. Trust us to simplify the path to success through efficient and effective company registration services.

Unlock Your Business Potential: Professional Company Registration Services

With our professional company registration services, you can unlock the full potential of your business. Our team of experts provides comprehensive guidance throughout the entire company registration process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements. Trust us to pave the way for your business success through reliable and efficient company registration services.

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Company Registration Services in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore, Pakistan are offered by Expert Company Incorporation Expert Lawyers having command over Corporate Filing & Secretarial Service.

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Do you Want to Incorporate a New Company in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore or Karachi Pakistan?

 If you are going to incorporate a new company in Pakistan, you will need to register it with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). This is a mandatory requirement for every company limited by shares in Pakistan.

The SECP is responsible for regulating the securities market and for protecting investors in Pakistan. It also governs the formation of companies and their issuance of stocks/bonds.

To Register Your Company with the SECP, You Need to Complete Required Documents and Pay the Registration Fee

To register your company with the SECP, you will need to complete all required documents and pay the registration fee. The SECP will then issue you a certificate of incorporation. You can complete this process yourself or contact us to do it on your behalf.

Company Incorporation Lawyers in Islamabad Defines the Process of Company Formation

Our company registration lawyers has defined here the complete company registration process of a new company incorporation. Registration for a new company is not easy, however, the problem is that the incorporation of a new company is normally handled by Corporate Lawyers and Chartered Accountants. We have got registered thousands of new companies during the last 37 years. Company registration is our specialty. We have well  experienced tax and corporate lawyers. 

Company Registration is a Key Step Forward

Company Registration from SECP in Pakistan is considered a key step toward business. It ensures the registration of a company for doing business. The entire company registration process of a public limited company, from SECP, can take from a week to a month whereas registration of a private limited company would take just 2-7 days (through a corporate lawyer, it will take 1-2 days only). Costs may vary depending on the type of incorporation. Registration of a new company from SECP paves the way for business owners with the freedom to run their affairs without any hurdles like restrictions on ownership, taxation, and labor.

Company Registration Procedure/Process in Pakistan

This article contains information about the company registration procedure in Pakistan. When you have a business set up in your mind, you will need a legal entity through which your business will run. Pakistan requires all new companies to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The process of company registration in Pakistan is described below.

Taxocrate is a Corporate Law Company, offers Incorporation of New Companies & SECP Filings

Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited is a corporate law company that offers company registration services, incorporation, and capital market-related legal assistance. Our focus is on the identification and development of growth resources for long-term economic development within Pakistan. The fastest-growing economies have been those with very close links between government and business. We at Taxocrate are offering all types of corporate services in Pakistan as well, including company formation, offshore registration, all sort of corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, company liquidations, and audits.

Company Registration Process in Islamabad is Simple and Easy While a Partnership Firm Registration Process in Islamabad is Very Difficult!

Your certificate of incorporation will be available once the company registration process is complete. A new company can generally be registered within a day or two.

You can get register your company through the No.1 Company Formation Lawyers in Islamabad or Karachi who provide their services in not only Karachi, but also in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, Pakistan.

SECP has Authority for Company Registration in Pakistan

The SECP (The security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan ) is the authority for registering companies in Pakistan. SECP offers online and offline registration options for companies in Pakistan. A company name can be searched to see if it is available for registration. In Pakistan, you can register different kinds of companies.

Types of Companies in Pakistan

The types of legal companies in Pakistan must be known before you learn how to register a company in Pakistan.

  1. Private Limited Company
  2. Single Member Limited Company
  3. Public Limited Company 
  • Private Limited Company

Any two or more persons associated for lawful purposes may incorporate a private limited company by signing the Memorandum of Association and complying with the Companies Act, 2017.

  • Single Member Limited Company

If only one member forms a private company, it is called a single-member company. You can form a single-member Limited Company by complying with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017.

  • Public Limited Company

Any three or more persons associated for lawful purposes can form a Public Limited Company by subscribing their names to the Memorandum of Association and complying with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2017. There are two types of Public Limited companies, Listed and Unlisted.

Listed companies are open to the public, and anyone can buy their shares. Limited liability is attached to those shares. PK Rs. 200 million is the minimum capital requirement for setting up a listed company.

An unlisted company does not offer its share to the public, and the minimum capital required to set up this type of company is PKR 100,000.

To register a company you need to follow some steps, and you need to have an understanding of the documents to register a company in Pakistan. This guide provides an in-depth look at how to register a company in Pakistan.

Incorporation of the company after reservation of the company’s name

In order to register any company in Pakistan, you must decide the name of the company and check whether it is available on the SECP website. For more information, see section 10 of the Companies Act, 2017. SECP provides a list of prohibited terms that you cannot use in the name of your company. Check the list before picking a name for your company, or give us your suggested names so that we could check its availability.

Using this method will save you time and help you come up with a unique name for your company. Check the availability of your chosen name after deciding on it. Create an online account with SECP if the company name is available for reservation. As combined application for company registration can also be submitted to save time.

Regulations Set by SECP for a Company Name

Some regulations set by SECP for a company name are the following.

  • It should not be identical or resemble the name of any existing company or registered LLP.
  • The company name shouldn’t be inappropriate or deceptive.
  • Try not to include any word or words in the company name which are offensive to any section of the people
  • It should not include any other word that in the opinion of the registrar is undesirable.
  • Your company name must not exploit the religious susceptibilities of people.
  • Avoid using any word that is prohibited under Section 10 of the Act and Regulation 4 of the Companies (Incorporation) Regulations, 2017.

These are some of the provisions that you have to consider before deciding on your company name.

Steps to Reserve the Company Name For Registration

Here are the steps to reserve the company name and incorporate the company. 

  • Log on to the SECP website and access the e-services page.
  • You need to have a valid CNIC if you are a Pakistani National, and you need a valid passport if you are a foreigner.
  • To get a same-day registration service, you should select ‘fast track registration services’ (FTRS).
  • Fill out the online form and submit a user registration form by providing your particulars.
  • You will receive security codes via SMS or email that you need to write in the form.
  • After security codes verification, a PIN will be generated.
  • The user registration fee can be paid online through your credit/debit card, or you can take a printout of the challan. The amount can be The deposit can be made at any MCB or UBL branch.

A confirmation email will be sent to you by SECP within one day of submitting the form. Your company name will be reserved if it does not contain a prohibited word.

You can also reserve a company name and company incorporation using the offline system. You can submit your application to the SECP registrar’s office with three proposed names in the application. The registrar will take 3 to 5 working days and will license you to use the proposed name in the company documents for company incorporation.

Articles & Memorandum of Association For Company Incorporation

There are some documents that you must have to submit to the SECP, if you want to register a company.

  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of AssociationMemorandum of Association explains your company’s relationship with the outside world under which business sector your company e.g. Institution, travel agency, etc., while
  • Articles of Association are about the day-to-day proceedings within the company. It tells about the role of the CEO and directors. It explains how the company will operate.
  • CNIC Copies of Directors, CEO, Nominee (for the single-member company) or copies of passport in case of a foreigner.
  • NOC or letter of intent/ license from concerned authorities if you want to register some specialized business.
  • In the case of foreign company incorporation, you need to provide more details such as the List and details of Directors. The company profile, detail of the Directors, and their nationality. You need to provide the Company charter’s certified copy. You need to provide a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association as well.
Besides Karachi, you can also register your company in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, Pakistan, with the number one Company Formation Lawyers in Karachi.

Getting Company's Incorporation Certificate

After submitting all the documents, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) evaluates them and will check their validity of all the documents.

If all your documents are valid, SECP will provide you with an incorporation  certificate. You can receive the certificate in hard copy or electronically. Once you receive your incorporation certificate from SECP, you can begin your business.

After completing the company registration process, you can obtain a certificate of incorporation. Generally, we are able to get register a new company within one to two days.

Company Incorporation certificate is issued after completion of company registration process.
Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited Company Registration Tax Lawyers and Consultants

                               Company’s Incorporation Certificate


To register a company in Pakistan is not very easy. Before starting of e-service of SECP, people have to submit applications for company registration, manually.  It was difficult for people to register their company, but this online system has made it relatively easy for people to register a company. SECP has become efficient, and you can easily register your company if you are aware of corporate laws.

We outlined both offline and online registration procedures, as well as the documents required. If you wish to register a company in Pakistan by yourself, we suggest you use the online SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) system.

The No.1 Company Taxocrate has Company Formation Lawyers in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, Pakistan, as well to provide company registration services throughout Pakistan.

For a Company Registration, You Are At the Right Place!

If you need to set up a company in Pakistan, then you have come to the right place. We hold years of experience in the industry, and we have been involved with various kinds of business registrations in the country. For your convenience, we have compiled information regarding company registration in Pakistan so that every detail is laid out for you in one place. You can also find FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the registration process on our page as well. If something isn’t answered clearly enough, or you need further help, feel free to contact us.

Taxocrate (Pvt.) Limited is a corporate Law Company that offers company registration services and deals with all corporate compliance and statutory filing matters. It has corporate offices in the cities of Karachi and Islamabad. Company registration has a number of benefits over sole proprietorship, including shielding the owner’s personal assets from liability.

Taxocrate has its offices in Islamabad (G-9 Markaz, Karachi Company) Lahore and Karachi. You can get register your new company through our well experienced and highly reputed Company Formation Lawyers who provide their services in not only Karachi, but also in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore, Pakistan.

For company incorporation, you can visit our any office and consult our corporate lawyers for firm registration or company formation in Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore.

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