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PSEB Registration | Benefits and Importance

PSEB & Registration with PSEB
Benefits of PSEB Registration

PSEB Registration of IT Companies, Software Houses, Call Centers, and Freelancer IT Professional with PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board)

PSEB Registration for Call Centers

The PSEB registration is a requirement for any call center to legally operate in Pakistan. Pakistan Software Export Board leaves no ambiguity in its application process regarding the location of the registration certificate issued for any call center that it is intending to register. For branches or additional locations, it is necessary that a separate certificate be provided. 

PSEB Registration for IT Companies/Software Houses

Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board is optional for IT companies/software houses. Nevertheless, all IT & ITeS organizations operating in Pakistan are encouraged to register with the PSEB in order to benefit from exclusive benefits and incentives. 

PSEB Registration for Freelancers IT Personnel

Freelancers are not required to register with PSEB. For Freelancers working in Pakistan, however, PSEB registration may offer exclusive benefits and incentives.

What are the benefits of PSEB Registration?

For IT Companies, Software House, Call Centers and Freelancer IT Professionals
Software Houses, IT Companies, Call Centers and Freelancer IT Professionals can get advantages and benefit by PSEB Registration:
Certification of international standards as quality and performance achievements in the IT industry
Members, employees, and investors of PSEB may be assisted with visa
Pakistan Software Export Board’s IT portal for business promotion
Increasing credibility in the IT market
It is permitted to repatriate profits
PSEB registration is required for call centers to be legal
Several business segments will be covered in free workshops
Competitive bandwidth rates for quality services
According to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, IT exports from Pakistan are exempt from taxes. This exemption is valid for the next 12 years
 Global sponsorship for participation in upcoming IT-related events and exhibitions
 The opportunity to participate in IT-related local events in Pakistan as well as meetings with foreign investors and delegates

What is the importance of PSEB Registration?

Though it is optional to register with PSEB for an IT company, nevertheless, in order to enjoy the exclusive benefits of membership, every IT firm needs to be a member of PSEB. Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board is a mandatory requirement for all call centers in Pakistan that operate under the supervision of the PSEB. Registration of the principal place of a call center business and its branches is also mandatory. The PTA and FIA initiate legal proceedings against call centers operating in Pakistan if they are not registered with Pakistan Software Export Board.