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PSW | PSW Registration | PSW Registration Process | Pakistan Single Window Registration: PSW Registration Services By Top Tax & Corporate Lawyers in Karachi & Islamabad-SAME DAY PSW REGISTRATION SERVICE

PSW | PSW Registration |  PSW Registration Process | Pakistan Single Window Registration: What is PSW? Contact us to know PSW registration requirements & PSW registration process. PSW is a web-based submission system  in Pakistan for all regulatory documentation requirements. 

What is PSW? Contact us to know PSW registration requirements & PSW registration process. PSW is a web-based submission system in Pakistan for all regulatory documentation requirements. Top Tax & Corporate Lawyers offer PSW registration (Registration with Pakistan Single Window) service. Get your company/firm registered with the PSW (Pakistan Single Window) within 1 day. Our SAME-DAY SERVICE is being offered in collaboration of PAKISTAN TAX LAWYER’S FORUM

What is PSW or Pakistan Single Window?

PSW stands for the Pakistan Single Window. This is a new trade system that provides a means for parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents with a single point of entry for fulfilling all import/export and transit requirements. For a detailed info, please go through PSW ACT

Register with Pakistan Single Window

PSW Registration is required for all importers and exporters. We offer ONE (1) DAY PSW Registration Service. PSW  (Pakistan Single Window)   is a web-based submission system for all regulatory documentation requirements associated with imports, exports, and logistics in Pakistan. The purpose of PSW is to improve cross-border trade processing through centralized ICT-based services, simpler processes, effective and reliable automation, a harmonized data exchange, and risk-based selection of government regulations.

PSW is Administrated By FBR’s Customs Department

PSW (Pakistan Single Window) is registered under section 42 of the Companies Act 2017 and administered by the Federal Board of Revenue Customs Department of the Government of Pakistan.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Pakistan has committed to launching its Single Window (NSW) by 2022, also called Pakistan Single Window (PSW). For the creation of this important reform initiative, Pakistan Customs has been designated as the ‘Lead Agency’. A Program Management Office (PMO) has been established by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to coordinate and supervise this initiative.

PSW – Central Point of Import, Export Regulatory Requirements

A Single Window is a facility that facilitates standardized communication and documentation between parties involved in trade and transport and serves as a central point for all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements. In the case of electronic information, each element should only be submitted once. The Pakistan Single Window will enable trade-related business processes to be more efficient, transparent, and consistent while reducing the time and cost of doing business in Pakistan.

PSW For G2G, B2G and B2B Transactions

Although the concept is primarily designed to integrate and strengthen trade-related government-to-government (G2G) and business-to-government (B2G) interactions, but B2B transactions have been incorporated, including those related to port operations, trucking, and warehousing. The PSW is led by customs and involves multiple public and private sector stakeholders, including regulators, traders, freight forwarders, banks, terminal operators, transporters, etc.  

Scope of PSW (Pakistan Single Window)

Pakistan single Window PSW

PSW has recently expanded its scope with the addition of online subscriptions and customs registrations for Free Tax Number (FTN) holders including federal and provincial government departments, diplomatic missions, non-governmental organizations, public hospitals, universities, and research institutes.

PSW integrates with NADRA & FBR

FTN holders no longer need to visit Customs offices to obtain WeBOC User IDs, which are now issued to them electronically through the PSW platform. Using the new system, customs registration takes an average of a few minutes instead of the usual 10 days, and it integrates with NADRA, the FBR, and other government databases to allow electronic validations and verifications.


As we have mentioned what PSW is, here are some key features of PSW that will help you better understand its purpose and significance:

Integrated Declaration through PSW: 

By digitizing the information, customs and other government departments won’t need to receive separate applications.

Automated Routing Using PSW: 

Using PSW, any government agency will automatically be notified if their goods require licenses, permits, certificates, or any other documents (LPCOs).

Connected Government Through PSW and Paperless Processing: 

Paperless transactions and connected governments will be ensured by automating back-end processes of cross-border trade. Government controls will also be simplified and improved to ensure regulatory compliance.

PSW Incorporates Risk Assessment: 

To ensure that consignments are selected for examination based on risk assessment, PSW will incorporate risk assessment for customs and other government departments. Authentic trade will be facilitated.

PSW’s Real-time Cargo  Tracking System: 

PSW will increase efficiency, transparency, and enable real-time cargo tracking.

E-payment System of PSW: 

By using the PSW’s e-payment system, you will no longer be required to make separate payments to banks, ports, and OGAs.

Knowledge Management Through PSW: 

Cross-border trade is made easier with PSW, which provides a knowledge-based management system.

Help Desk & e-Appointment System of PSW: 

Users will have access to a help desk and an e-appointment system.


Some of the benefits of Pakistan Single Window (PSW) are as follows:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time
  • Less complicated process
  • Better compliance
  • Cross border trade regulations
  • PSW will boost exports and increase FDI
  • Saving millions of dollars in annual savings
  • PSW will be managed by an independent authority
  • Pivotal in unlocking Pakistan’s potential to become a hub for international trade and transit
  • Integrated 75 regulatory departments

Besides boosting cross-border trade, Pakistan Single Window will also enable live tracking of cargo and goods. It used to take days to clear cargo and goods from customs, but now that PSW is in place, the process will take only hours.

Benefits of PSW for the Government

  • Increase revenue yield
  • Improved compliance
  • Enhanced security/ controls

Benefits of PSW for the Traders

  • Reduced costs and time
  • Faster clearance
  • Transparency & Predictability
  • Fewer Opportunities for interpretation of laws, regulations, etc.

Government’s departments Connected with PSW (Pakistan Single Window)

The government has decided to connect 74 public sector departments with the Pakistan Single Windows (PSW) up until 2024 for the purpose of clearing goods for imports and exports. The list of the connected departments, a few of them, is:

  1. Pakistan Customs
  2. State Bank of Pakistan
  3. Departments of Plant Protection
  4. Pakistan Standards & Control Authority
  5. Inland Revenue Services
  6. Animal Quarantine
  7. Livestock Wing
  8. PSI pre-shipment inspection agencies (12 in number)
  9. Mercantile Marine Department
  10. EPC (Export Price Certificate from APTMA)
  11. Certificate from Sialkot Material Testing Laboratory
  12. Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan
  13. Ministry of Commerce
  14. Ministry of Interior
  15. Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination
  16. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  17. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
  18. Narcotics Control Division
  19. Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department
  20. Ministry of Climate Change
  21. Provincial EPAs
  22. DG Immigration & Passport
  23. Engineering Development Board
  24. Ministry of Defense
  25. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
  26. OGRA/ Hydrocarbon Institute of Pakistan
  27. Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
  28. Pakistan Engineering Council
  29. PVT/ Ministry of Information
  30. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
  32. Department of Explosives
  33. Chief Inspector of Boilers
  34. Pakistan Cotton Standard Institute
  35. Certificate from Pakistan Tobacco Board
  36. Aviation Division
  37. National Ozone Unit
  38. Fisheries Development Board
  39. Textile Division
  40. Intellectual Property Organization
  41. Trading Corporation of Pakistan
  42. National Tariff Commission
  43. Export Processing Zones
  44. Pakistan Gems & Jewelry Development Commission
  45. Strategic Export Control Division
  46. Provincial Revenue Authorities (7 in members)
  47. Forestry Wing
  48. Port Authorities (Sea, Land, Air, and Border)
PSW Registration Service of TAXOCRATE (Pvt) LTD

Our expert Lawyers and Business Consultants provide the service of registration with the PSW. If you are an importer or exporter and want to be registered with PSW, you can contact us, and you will be provided SAME DAY SERVICE for the PSW Registration.

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