Free NTN (National Tax Number) Registration

What's NTN or National Tax Number?

The NTN (National Tax Number) is an exclusive number, used by the Pakistani Government as a means of tracking its citizens, permanent and temporary residents for employment, duty, government benefits, health care, and other Government- related services. NTN (National Tax Number) is a distinctive identity number issued by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) – a Pakistani duty authority, to corroborate business enrollment. NTN (Income Tax Registration) is needed to perform any taxable exertion either marketable or income-generating trading. 

Free NTN Registration

Who should have an NTN (National Tax Number)?

Whether you’re a salary-paid individual or a businessman. You are required your NTN – National Tax Number. Your NTN enables you to pay your levies grounded on your periodic income, and other levies. Still, utmost people don’t know their NTNs though they pay their taxes every time. NTN is also important when you are to file numerous important government documents, opening bank accounts, applying for a new electricity or gas line connection.

Why NTN (National Tax Number) is needed?

NTN is needed for income-earning individuals, entrepreneurs, business enterprises, companies, and NGOs/ NPOs. NTN is needed to file an income duty return, and if you aren’t an active income duty filer, you attract an advanced/ advanced withholding duty rate for cash recessions from banks, transfer deals, auto purchases, and property trade/ purchase deals.

National Tax Number

Benefits of having NTN (National Tax Number)

After NTN enrollment, you can fluently come a taxpayer by filing a periodic income duty return, and don’t have to worry about fresh withholding duty burden/ penalties, during any fiscal deals similar as bank recessions, yearly or periodic gains on savings accounts, prize bond winning, vehicle or irremovable parcels purchases & enrollments, tips, and any other cash benefits from stocks, or another type of investment.

NTN (National Tax Number) For Companies

The Income Tax Ordinance 2001 says that each public and private company should have its NTN registered in Pakistan to file yearly and daily income duty statements and monthly income duty returns for the conduct of business in Pakistan. Since the preface of the Income Duty Constitution in the time 2001, NTN has been given an endless duty number and there’s no need to renew the number from time to time. This step has handed another easy way for people to register NTN in Pakistan.

Free NTN (National Tax Number)

Documents Needed for Registration of NTN

  • For Retired Persons [FREE]
  • For Salary-paid persons [FREE]
  • For a Partnership Firm [FREE]
  • For a Business in Pakistan
  1. Copy of CNIC
  2. A copy of the recently paid electricity bill
  3. The latest pension slips
  4. Tax Deduction Certificate
  5. Contact Numbers and Emails
  1. Copy of CNIC 
  2. A copy of the recently paid electricity bill 
  3. The latest salary slip or letter from the Employer 
  4. Contact Numbers and Emails
  5. Your employer’s National Tax Number (NTN), and your complete office address
  1. Official CNIC of all Business Partners
  2. A copy of the paid electricity bill not older than 3 Months.
  3. Property Documents or Tenancy Agreement
  4. National Tax Number for all Business Partners
  5. Application for Issuance of NTN (to the FBR)
  6. Copy of Partnership Deed
  7. Copy of Partnership Registration Certificate (Form C)
  8. Contact numbers and Emails
  9. The ratio of profit and loss sharing between partners
  1. Copy of CNIC
  2. A copy of the recently paid electricity bill of your office, plant, factory, or any place of business
  3. Application to FRB for issuance of NTN on Business Letter Head
  4. Deeds or Lease Agreement (Lease Agreement published on a stamp paper)
  5. Contact numbers and email address

We help in NTN (National Tax Number) Registration

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