Online NTN Verification By CNIC
FBR Online NTN Verification By CNIC
NTN Stands For in Pakistan "National Tax Number"

Update on 15th May 2022

NTN: Online NTN Verification By CNIC
NTN: FBR Online NTN Verification By CNIC
NTN Stands For in Pakistan?
NTN Registration Online
NTN Verification Online

NTN Registration Online & NTN Verification Online with CNIC is Very Easy!

NTN Stands For in Pakistan? What is FBR NTN Number? How to Register & Verify NTN Online?

NTN Verification By CNIC-FREE: Online NTN Verification By CNIC, FBR Online NTN Verification. NTN Stands for in Pakistan: “National Tax Number” still people call it NTN Number or FBR NTN Number. NTN Registration/Verification can be done online. NTN Registration/Verification can be done online. Get register your NTN just for FREE by vising our offices in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore or if you already have your NTN, get it verified for FREE from any one of our office in Karachi, Islamabad or Lahore. This means that your NTN could be checked and verified online from any part of the world. Get NTN and FBR Taxpayer’s Certificate’s printed copy also for FREE.

NTN Stands For (in Pakistan only) ” National Tax Number”, Still People Call it FBR “NTN Number”!

As you know, NTN stands for the words National Tax Number, in Pakistan, still people call it NTN Number or FBR NTN Number. NTN Registration can be online. Get NTN Certificate Free from FBR Portal with your NTN or CNIC Number. NTN or CNIC is used to log in into IRIS (FBR portal). In Pakistan, NTN is generally called an NTN Number. Obtaining an NTN registration online or NTN verification online is not very difficult from the FBR-IRIS website. NTN is an abbreviation of the National Tax Number. If you are an employed individual, you can get your Free IRIS FBR NTN Number Registration Online from our office or from the office of PAK.TAX, the largest forum of the Taxpayers of Pakistan. Get NTN Certificate Free by FBR. NTN or CNIC Number for IRIS Login.

NTN Registration Online & NTN Verification Online
You can register and verify your NTN online!

  As you know that the NTN stands for “National Tax Number” but although the last ‘N’ in NTN stands for the word number, still people call it an NTN number, so for the convenience and familiarity of the public, we would also like to call it an NTN number. FBR’s NTN online registration and NTN online verification can be done online with ease, still, it is somehow difficult for people who are not computer-literate. 

National Tax Number (NTN) Certificate: 
NTN is Required For Any Taxable Activity

The National Tax Number (NTN) registration certificate is used to track the taxable incomes and to record the valuable assets of all taxpayers, including permanent and temporary residents of Pakistan. The NTN (National Tax Numbers) are assigned by Pakistan’s tax authority, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), for the purpose of confirming a taxpayer’s income-generating business or employment for imposing the income tax. The NTN number is required for any taxable activity, whether it generates income or is marketable.

Free NTN Registration

How To Get The NTN Number Certificate?

NTN can be Obtained Online From FBR's Website

The FBR’s NTN Number Certificate can be obtained online from FBR’s website after providing one’s particular information, such as name, residential address, business address, name of employer or business name, cellphone number and email address, etc.

Who requires an NTN Registration Certificate?

FBR's NTN Registration Certificate and Taxpayers Certificate

FBR NTN registration certificate is required for all salary-paid individuals earning over Rs. 600,000 and businessmen earning over Rs. 400,000. NTN enables a citizen to pay income tax to the FBR on his/her annual income, and other provincial tax on selling his/her services. However, most people don’t know their NTN number even though they pay their taxes every month because FBR keeps track of them with their CNICs. In addition, NTN number registration certificates are needed to attach with numerous government documents, open bank accounts, and apply for new electricity or gas connections.

National Tax Number

Is the NTN Number necessary?

NTN Number is Required by All Businesses and Income Earners in Pakistan

NTN Numbers are required by income earners, entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profit organizations. NTN number certificate is also required to file an income tax return, and a person who does not file an income tax return will have to pay a higher withholding tax rate on cash withdrawals from banks, cash transfers, car purchases, and real estate transactions.

Benefits of having NTN (National Tax Number) Registration Certificate

You can Become a Filer only if You Have NTN Registered

After NTN registration, you can easily become an income taxpayer by filing an annual income tax return, and don’t have to worry about excessive withholding tax burden or penalties, on your cash withdrawals from banks, or any monetary deals similar to yearly or periodic profits on savings accounts, prize bond winning, vehicle or irremovable properties purchases & registration, and any other cash benefits from stocks, or another type of investment.

NTN Registration Number For Companies

Each Public and a Private Company is required to have its NTN Number Registered in Pakistan

Each public and a private company is required by the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 to have its NTN number registered in Pakistan for the purpose of filing annual income tax returns and quarterly advance income tax returns and WHT statements, as well as paying the monthly withholding tax. NTN has been given an unlimited tax number since the Income Tax Ordinance was introduced in 2001, so the NTN number does not need to be renewed periodically. In Pakistan, people can now register NTN easily. NTN for the companies is mostly applied at the time of company registration and SECP shares the relevant required information with the FBR.

Documents Required for Registration of NTN Number

CNIC is Required For NTN Registration in Most Cases

  • For Retired Persons:             Just CNIC
  • For Salary-paid persons:      Just CNIC
  • For a Business Individual:   CNIC, Utility Bill, Rent Agreement or Property Document 
  • For a Partnership Firm:
  1. Copy of CNIC
  2. A copy of the recently paid electricity bill of the office, plant, factory, or any place of business
  3. Application to FBR for issuance of NTN number on Business Letterhead
  4. Tenancy Agreement (printed on stamp paper

Free Help For obtaining Online NTN Number Registration Certificate and Online Verification with CNIC:

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