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Income Tax – IT Returns Filing Lawyers in Karachi & Islamabad

TAXOCRATE (Pvt) LIMITED provides income tax return filing services to its valued clients in Karachi and Islamabad. Initially, we are offering FREE services for NTN (National Tax Number) registration, which is the first step for income tax returns filings. The IRIS’s Income Tax Return filing portal makes filing your income taxes to the FBR easy. In addition to obtaining a National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number, we assist our individual as well as corporate clients with the e-enrollment process if someone is already a registered person. Once the income taxpayers have successfully enrolled in the e-filing program, they can easily obtain credentials for online access to file their tax returns to the FBR. We cover the reconciliation of wealth statements as well as the filing of income tax returns for salaried individuals in Pakistan. 

We offer various services such as revising income tax returns as well as filing income tax returns within the stipulated time or after the deadline. Income Tax Returns are filed online along with filing the Wealth Statement (assets and liabilities statement), which describes the management of wealth for tax purposes. It is necessary for the submission of the Wealth Statement to increase/decrease by the same amount the value of the taxpayer’s current year’s wealth compared with the value of his/her previous year’s wealth due to income exceeding expenses or falling short of expenses. 

In order to submit income tax returns, we assist our clients in reconciling wealth statements with the FBR. We also offer to revise the wealth statement facility to its clients. In the case of salary-earning individuals, the online income tax return filing process begins after they complete the Form of Return of Income. With our assistance, salaried individuals can prepare and submit their Form 114(I) Income Tax Return successfully. Only salaried individuals whose gross income is at least 75% derived from a salary and not derived from other sources may use this form.

You can contact us during our regular office hours from 10 AM to 7 PM every day, except Sunday. We welcome you for a long-lasting relationship with us for filing your income tax accurately in time, every year as well as filing of advance income tax and withholding tax statements.

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