How to Get Free NTN Number Registration from FBR

NTN stands for National Tax Number which is issued by the government of Pakistan to track individual citizens, government employees, and temporary residents to keep financial records. National Tax Number (NTN) is an identification number issued by the government of Pakistan. The process of NTN registration is performed by FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) and the person who gets his/her NTN is included in the FBR active taxpayer list. NTN number is required for filing tax returns. The government is pushing people for NTN registration to further its goal of tax-net scope. There are services where NTN registration is mandatory for the services to be acquired. Furthermore, in case you don’t have NTN, you or your business may face difficulties in availing services such as, monetary transactions from banks, purchases of automobiles, purchasing properties, etc. 

Can NTN Number be Registered with CNIC only?

NTN number can be obtained against the CNIC of a person who is applying for NTN. Taxocrate is here at your service to help you with all this process within no time and you could become an active taxpayer. Alternatively, you can search for ” FBR online NTN verification ” & ” NTN registration inquiry ” on the FBR’s website for an online NTN check.

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Why Do I Require the NTN Number in Pakistan?

Generally, every taxable activity, regardless of income generated or marketing capability, must be registered with the government. Those who earn a salary or commission, whether self-employed or employed, need NTN registration. Authorities calculate tax credits by using NTNs.  Besides opening bank accounts and applying for utility services such as gas and electricity connections, or other government documents require an NTN.  For further details regarding NTN registration in Islamabad and Karachi feel free to contact us at the given contacts.

How to Get NTN Number for Business in Pakistan?

A national tax number (NTN) is required for all public and private companies in Pakistan to file statutory returns tax statements. A National Number (NTN) was made obligatory by the Income Tax Ordinance in 2001. In accordance with the law, any taxable activity that generates income or generates sales revenue must be registered with the tax authorities. Additionally, those earning a salary or commission, or self-employed businessmen require NTN. NTN allows the authorities to determine your tax profile and keep you out of double taxation. To avoid the increased tax rate on a variety of services, making it more beneficial to become a tax filler. If you are a non-filer then you have to pay an increased tax rate on banking transactions, property transactions, vehicle tokens, and many other services. NTN registration in Pakistan is now easy and simple with the expert help of Taxocrate Pvt. Ltd. where you can get your NTN within no time. We are offering free NTN registration for businesses and individuals. Taxocrate is one call away from you, don’t hesitate to call us or send us a message.

Is there any Fee for the NTN Number?

Not at all. There is no official fee for NTN issuance, however, Income Tax Practitioners and other so-called consultants charge their service fee for helping the general public obtain an NTN. Exclusively now, Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited is offering to all Pakistanis citizens FREE NTN Registration just by contacting us with your documents listed below.

Documents Required For NTN Registration In Pakistan


Documents required for NTN are your CNIC copy, email address, and cell number (registered in your name). If you are a salaried person, retired person, or have a proprietorship business. Some other documents are required, if you want to get an NTN Number for a partnership firm, company, or NGO/trust.


    The following documents are required for NTN Number registration for partnership firm or an NGO or a Welfare Trust:

    1. CNIC copies of all Partners/Office Bearers 
    2. Latest paid Electricity Bill copy
    3. Proof of ownership or Tenancy Agreement (on stamp paper) 
    4. Certified copies of Articles & Memorandum of the NGO (if applicable) 
    5. Certified Copy of the Registration Certificate (where applicable) 
    6. Contacts Numbers and Email addresses 
    7. Authorization letter for official representation

    Get Free Expert Help For NTN Number Registration!

    Get your NTN registration for free using the Free expert help of Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited.  Our legal team has handled thousands of registrations of companies, firms, and NTNs. Our legal team at Taxocrate has handled a variety of due diligence and types of business transactions. NTN registration documents and procedures for both individuals and businesses are handled by us. Additionally to helping you fill out your income tax returns and guiding you through the NTN registration process, we also handle all the legal work for you so you can concentrate on running your business. Our experienced attorneys and legal counsel are only a phone call away. Give us a call today for NTN registration and income tax filing.

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