FAQ About Income Tax in Pakistan and FBR

How can I get my FBR-NTN Number for tax filing in Pakistan?

The FBR’s IRIS portal allows you to register with the FBR for income tax filing and also for getting information regarding WHT deducted by the FBR. You need to register for income tax and get your NTN number before filing income tax returns. You may face penalties and fines if you supply wrong information about you, during registration. We provide a free income tax registration service to help you obtain your income tax registration number from FBR. 
Resident and non-resident Pakistanis can avail of this free service. Our team will provide you with an income tax registration certificate quickly from FBR and assist you in filing your income tax returns if required.

How can I file my personal income tax return with the FBR?

FBR has provided a web portal, i.e. Iris, to facilitate the process of filing income tax returns in Pakistan. If you are aware of income tax laws, rules and ongoing amendments, you can file your income tax return by yourself. The facilitation counters of tax houses in Karachi,  Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and almost every big city of Pakistan also exist to help income tax or sales taxpayers. We can also assist you with registering and filing your income tax returns in Karachi and Islamabad at an affordable fee.