How to get an Incorporation Certificate?

An incorporation certificate is an official document that is issued when a company is formed under SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). The certificate of incorporation indicates that you have been granted a business license by the Government of Pakistan. A certificate of incorporation is also known as a certificate of registration because it enables you to register your business with the state’s applicable laws & regulations. 

Once you have decided to run your business, as a legal entity, choose the name of the business and incorporate your business as a Company under SECP. Those who wish to operate their business as a Company should proceed to SECP for provision of Certificate of Incorporation. 

Once registered with SECP, one can then apply for additional licenses and permits after getting the Incorporation Certificate. 

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Process to get Incorporation Certificate of a Company

● Log-in to SECP eServices (for registered users) 

● Sign-up and fill up the required information (for new user registration) ● Select “Digital Certified True Copy” under List of New Processes from the panel 

● Under Company Information click “Select Name” against Name of the Company, type & search for the company you desired in the next page

● Select the company name when your search query returns with the available companies 

● Click the available list against the Form Names 

● Select “Certificate of Incorporation” from the available Form List ● Choose “Credit Card” from the Mode of Payment 

● Note the email address where “Incorporation Certificate” will be delivered (the email address provided at the time of user registration) 

● Click “Continue” at the bottom of the window will close the window ● In the next window, click “New Bank Chalan” to generate payment detail while clicking “Save Form” at the bottom will close this window 

● Click “Submit” in the coming window, provided with your PIN (you choose at the time of user registration), will submit this application to the system ● Next, at the main panel, click “Online Payment” and select the required payment particulars from the available list 

● In the next page, provide your credit card/debit card information to finalize the application

The process once submitted in the system should conclude the same day. Please check back your email inbox for the update from SECP. 

Similarly, you can apply for many other documents the same way from SECP e-services.

How to start with company registration with the help of Taxocrate?

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To start the process of company registration, all you need is to send us the following information to get started: 

● Name, addresses, and shares of each of the shareholders 

● The amount of share capital 

● Passport copies of the shareholders 

● Proposed name of the company