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Company Secretary on contract, Company Registration Secretarial Services & SECP Secretarial Filing Service offered by the Top Corporate Lawyers in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

The term “company secretarial services” in no way refers to the work that a personal or private secretary performs, but rather to the level of administrative support within a company that ensures a business’s compliance with all relevant legislation, laws, and regulations. Normally, he or she is called as “COMPANY SECRETARY”.

Company Secretary And Company’s Corporate Governance

A company’s corporate governance is an essential part of its operations. Your company must adhere to the corporate laws, comply with the laws and legislation. Companies must adhere to the rules and regulations governing their business and keep meticulous records. In general, this includes conducting & storing records of meetings, the conduct of board members, interactions with shareholders, and engagement with business partners & the government.

This article looks at why company secretarial services are important, and why outsourcing these services can be a smart move for your business.

Role of Company Secretary

As a general rule, the duties of a company secretary include all administrative duties necessary within the company. Their responsibilities broadly fall into three categories: the company & shareholders, the board and the regulator.

It is their responsibility to ensure that the necessary paperwork is provided to the board members ahead of meetings and that board procedures are followed. Among other responsibilities, the secretary ensures compliance with regulations and proper conduct within the company. 

To ensure the company is following the law, their responsibilities include updating and maintaining the company’s registers in case of inspection, as well as preparing director reports and accounts.

Company Secretary Will Handle Paperwork After Board Meetings

The company secretary will also handle any paperwork before and after board meetings. All directors must be notified of the time, date and location of the meeting. Agendas must also be produced, minutes taken, and a report should be produced following the meeting. A decision regarding a dividend payment, for example, might also require informing the regulatory dept.

Outsource Company Secretarial Services

It can be highly beneficial to your business to hire a consultant to handle company secretarial duties. Below are some benefits to consider:

  • They will efficiently manage your tasks and responsibilities.

Company secretaries handle a lot of paperwork, including confirming all the necessary documents, noting changes within the company, and keeping track of shares and transfers. You can follow sound business practices and still comply with legal requirements by outsourcing these responsibilities to a professional.

  • Professionals with extensive experience.

Taking advantage of the consultant experience and expertise will benefit you. In addition to knowing all the ins and outs of the processes, they will be able to tailor a service to your needs.

  • Assume responsibilities within a given timeframe.

Deadlines can’t be changed in the business world because time is a valuable commodity. With a professional consultant behind you, you won’t have to wait around for something to be done with the most advanced and time-saving methods at their disposal.

  • You can save money by cutting training costs.

If you outsource your company secretarial services, you will not need to spend money or time training a new secretary, as the outsourced professional will already have all the necessary knowledge and qualifications.

  • A successful business relies on the latest technology.

To help you in managing your business, company secretarial firms use the most up-to-date technology. As a result, you won’t need to spend any money on operating and maintaining this technology.

  • Take risks out of the equation.

Avoiding fines or even criminal proceedings is essential to staying on top of all legal requirements. You can be confident that a professional consultant will handle your company secretary duties effectively and accurately, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong and avoid financial penalties.

We Offer Company Secretarial Services on Contract

Compliance with governance requirements – as well as corresponding with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) – are integral parts of our corporate secretarial services. We can assure the maintenance of statutory books and the resolution of SECP queries in this context.

Our corporate services include the following:

  • Appointments and resignations of board members and officers
  • Preparation of drafts, reports and minutes for meetings
  • Assisting with generating compliance reports, reporting and filing to regulators
  • Prepare all periodic statutory returns and in accordance with the requirements. 
  • Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Notices.
  • Minutes and notices of general meetings and other relevant documents.
  • Business registration with Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) & Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry [KCCI].
  • Registration with Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP).

We can help your business with corporate services

Our corporate services offer several notable advantages. With our deep industry knowledge and extensive regulatory knowledge, we can help you meet your business objectives. 

No matter how big or small your business is, you have to comply with the law and regulation. Outsourcing these services lets you utilize resources more effectively and save your precious time. As a result, your business can focus more on its core functions.

Our longstanding relationships with the government. institutions and regulatory authorities allow us to be thorough in our services. As a result, we know exactly what is required for your business in terms of regulatory compliance. It enables us to achieve compliance through the most effective means. Essentially, a centrally coordinated and consistent service reduces non-compliance risks, increases economy of scale and eliminates responsibility for your own office duties.


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