Income Tax Consultancy |Tax Refund from FBR| Tax Accounts, Audit & Appeals

Income Tax Consultancy |Tax Refund from FBR| Tax Accounts, Audit & Appeals

Income tax consultancy from an expert income tax lawyer is duly required for both individual and corporate clients to understand complex income tax laws and calculating correct tax. Due to increasing inflation in Pakistan, it is more essential than ever to manage your assets and plan your finances in order to minimize the income tax you have to pay to the FBR. 

We offer income tax consultancy services to all types of clients in Pakistan, especially in Islamabad and Karachi. Our company assists you in understanding tax credits, tax rebates, and tax exemptions so that you can reduce your tax liabilities. Due to lack of knowledge, you may sometimes fall into the category of persons required to file income tax returns. Our services help you to understand whether you are required to file a tax return and how much your liability is so that you don’t pay unnecessary excessive tax. Taxocrate (Pvt) Ltd is committed to maintaining the privacy of the personal information of our valued clients. You can plan your income tax returns with us during business hours of any working day.

Income Tax Consultancy

Income Tax Refund from FBR

An income tax refund is a crucial matter for companies and businesses paying advance income tax and withholding tax (WHT). Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited provides the best consultancy and tax refund service in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Getting income tax and sales tax refunds are not easy to get even if you qualify. We help you to process your tax refund cases as quickly as possible. It is now required that income tax returns filed electronically with excessive tax must be claimed at the iris portal, in order to claim an income tax refund from FBR. It is our goal to help our clients to become eligible to receive income tax refunds through our e-filing service of income tax refund application. Clients’ Iris account is used for submission of tax refund applications that result in successfully obtaining refunds of income tax. We assist our clients to claim their tax refunds in due time. You can contact us to know how to get your income tax refund in time.

How to claim an income tax refund from FBR?

Tax refunds are processed by the FBR after a separate application is submitted through IRIS, the FBR’s online income tax portal. However, the FBR authorities must conduct an audit for the relevant tax year prior to accepting a refund application. Those applying for income tax refunds can find out the status of their applications at their relevant Regional Tax Office. An application for a refund must be filed within two (2) years of the date the tax was paid or the date the tax was assessed. Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited can help you claim income tax refunds if you need additional assistance.

Accounting Record for Income Tax

FBR requires all income tax registered business individuals and companies/AOPs in Pakistan to keep necessary records of their income, business expenditures, sales and purchases, and profit or loss for the determination of income tax payments. In Pakistan, the FBR requires all individual businesses, AOPs, and companies to retain their income tax records for a period of six years. The tax accounting service offered by Taxocrate (Pvt) Ltd is accurate, reliable, and affordable. Be sure to keep the necessary accounts, bank statements, and income tax records as per FBR requirements. Corporate clients and individuals on a reasonable fee, can take advantage of our variety of customized bookkeeping/accounting services in Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. To follow the FBR guidelines, you can contact us for our monthly income tax bookkeeping/accounting.

Income Tax Audit & Appeal Filing Services in Karachi, Islamabad & Rawalpindi

The combined audit team of Taxocrate and our associate audit firm, M/s Shahid Habib & Company (Chartered Accountants) aims to provide the best audit services to its corporate clients. We file income tax appeals with the FBR if there is a disagreement between the taxpayer and the tax collector (Inland Revenue Department). Our auditors provide all types of income tax dispute resolution support in accordance with FBR, including quantification of taxable income and levying default surcharges and penalties. Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited handles appeals in less than thirty days after receiving letters of demand. Our audit team provides the required information to our tax lawyers for making an income tax appeal which includes audited accounts along with the return of income tax based on the income declared.

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