PSEB registration can be very beneficial for IT companies operating & Software houses in Pakistan.

PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) is a government-owned entity that helps promote and facilitate the export of software products from Pakistan. The PSEB registration can be very beneficial for IT companies operating in Pakistan.

Increase in visibility of your company with PSEB Registration

One of the primary benefits of registering with the PSEB is that it can help to increase the visibility of your company in the Pakistani software market. By registering with the PSEB, you will be able to create an account on their website and post information about your products and services. This will help potential customers find out about your company and contact you for more information.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

Access to specific export promotion programs

Another advantage of registering with the PSEB is that it can grant you access to specific export promotion programs. These programs provide funding for IT companies who wish to export their products outside of Pakistan. By registering with the PSEB, you will be able to take advantage of these programs and increase your chances of success.

The PSEB Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is an important institution that regulates and helps promote the software export industry in Pakistan. The board was established in 1992 and has since then played an instrumental role in the growth of the Pakistani software industry.

Access to G2G Business with PSEB Registration

One of the main benefits of registering with the PSEB is that it will help you get access to government-to-government (G2G) and government-to-industry (G2I) contracts. Registration with PSEB also entitles companies to receive preferential treatment when bidding on government contracts. Moreover, registered companies are able to participate in various international trade shows, which can help them attract new business partners.

PSEB Registration is a valuable tool of IT companies

Overall, registration with the PSEB is a valuable tool for IT companies looking to export their products overseas. By registering with the board, companies can gain access to lucrative government contracts and improve their chances of winning tenders.

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

PSEB is an Important Government Agency

The PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) is an important government agency that helps promote the export of software and technology products from Pakistan. PSEB registion provides companies with access to a variety of resources and support, including market research, technical assistance, and promotion.

Numerous Benefits of PSEB Registration

The benefits of registering with the PSEB are numerous. First and foremost, registration provides companies with access to a wealth of resources and support. In addition to offering market research, technical assistance, and promotion, the PSEB can also provide companies with licensing opportunities for foreign partners. Furthermore, registration can help companies build relationships with potential customers in foreign markets.

Challenges Associated with the PSEB Registration


While registration with the PSEB is definitely beneficial for IT companies, it is not without its challenges. One major challenge associated with registering with the PSEB is that it can be difficult to find the time to attend meetings and workshops offered by the agency. In addition, some aspects of Pakistani law may conflict with international standards governing software exports. As such, it is important for IT companies to have an experienced lawyer on staff who can advise them on any legal issues that may arise during their dealings with the PSEB.

PSEB Registration – An Important Step Towards Export Markets

Registration with the PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) is an important step for any company looking to export their software products. The board has a comprehensive database of registered companies and their software products. This will help you find potential foreign partners, as well as ascertain the legal requirements your product must meet in order to be exported. Additionally, the board can provide guidance on how to market and sell your software abroad.

If you are an IT company and looking for a reliable export board to register with, then the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) should definitely be your top pick.

PSEB is highly responsive & efficient for startup IT companies

As one of the most trusted and reliable export boards in Pakistan, PSEB offers a number of benefits that are perfect for IT companies. For startups, PSEB is highly responsive and efficient in terms of issuing licenses and registering companies. Furthermore, PSEB has a strong track record when it comes to successfully exporting software products to various countries around the world.

PSEB is an excellant choice for IT companies to register with


Overall, PSEB is an excellent choice for IT companies looking to register with an export board and start exporting their software products. If you’re interested in finding out more information about PSEB’s registration process or other benefits offered by this organization, be sure to visit their website today!

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