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Taxocrate is a group of experienced Income tax lawyers and tax consultants in Karachi and tax advisors in Islamabad. Our team of expert income tax lawyers is specialized in the field of taxation. They understand the tax laws and all the legal frameworks related to the taxation process in order to guide you with their expert advice. Also, our tax consultants will do all your income tax and sales tax related work as per the standards and requirements of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Our highly qualified income tax lawyers keep them updated regarding new reforms and developments that take place in the legal and taxation system of Pakistan. Our income tax consultants in Karachi and tax lawyers in Islamabad city will not only offer you detailed guidance but also take the responsibility to do all your legal work including the documentation, tax registration, and tax return filing that meets your business requirements.

At Taxocrate, the best income tax advisors in Karachi metropolis and qualified income tax consultants in Islamabad capital will provide the following expert legal services to prevent you from any tax violation or penalty:

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The National Tax Number – NTN is required to conduct any taxable activity in Pakistan. It may be any financial business deal or salary transaction. The NTN number can be obtained from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). After obtaining the National Tax Number, you can easily become the tax return filer and pay the due tax. This will prevent you from the burden of extra taxes at the time of any financial transaction.

Taxocrate is composed of expert income tax lawyers in the Karachi office, who have proper knowledge of the procedure of NTN registration in Pakistan. Therefore, they can confidently take this responsibility and do all the work for NTN registration for you so that you can peacefully focus on your core business activities.


According to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, the Income Tax is levied on the taxable income earned in a year at the specific rate specified by the government. The taxpayer is required to file the annual tax return and pay the due taxes to avoid any extra burdens of taxes and penalties.

As stated above, the payment of Income Tax on taxable income is mandatory for the taxpayer. For the return filing and payment of income tax, you must require National Tax Number – NTN.

The government has recently announced new tax reforms in order to regulate the taxation structure in Pakistan. According to the new regulations, Income Tax returns filing and Income Tax payments have become more crucial. The tax reforms have simplified the taxation system in Pakistan for individuals and business owners. The initiative is taken to encourage more people to file their income tax returns and come under the tax net.

Our professional income tax consultants in the Karachi head office and income tax lawyers in Islamabad regional office will make NTN registration for you, prepare your wealth statement, file your annual income tax returns and provide proper guidance for the payment of your due taxes and tax deductions.

In addition to this, our highly skilled income tax advisors will be responsible to represent you before the tax authorities like the Federal Board of Revenue – FBR. Moreover, our income tax advisors in Karachi and as well as in Islamabad city will provide assistance in the FBR Tax Audit in order to prepare you for the audit and avoid any mistakes.

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In addition to the Income Tax, there is another form of tax which is applicable to the sales of selective goods and services and the imported goods. It is called the Sales Tax. This tax is imposed by the government as per the regulations stated in the Sales Tax Act 1990.

The Sales tax is applicable to all types of goods except the goods on which tax exemption is given. The exempted goods that are mentioned in the Sixth Schedule of The Sales Tax Act 1990 include medicines, poultry feed, unrefined agricultural products, computer software, etc. Further information about the exempted goods can be obtained from the website

Other than goods, the sales tax is also levied on the sales of services which may include services provided by the restaurants and hotels, ads run on television and radio except for public service messages by certain authorities and services provided by customs agencies, shipping/courier and, the logistic companies.

The tax collected from the sales of goods and services by the business owners will be given to the government. By state law, it is the duty of all business owners to pay the sales tax to the Government of Pakistan in order to avoid any fines/penalties.

Taxocrate Concultants

At Taxocrate, the best sales tax advisors in the Karachi head office and also our sales tax consultants in Islamabad will provide you with complete information about the sales tax system in Pakistan. Our sales tax lawyers will take responsibility for Sales Tax Registration and obtaining Sales Tax Registration Numbers (STRN) for your business. In addition to that, our tax lawyers will file your periodic sales tax returns. Further services of our company regarding sales tax include preparation of sales tax statements, conducting tax audit, advisory on tax deductions and representation on your behalf before tax authorities.

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Keeping in view the current taxation scenario, tax payment and filing of the tax return are extremely important. Before paying your due taxes, you must require proper guidance and knowledge about how the tax system works in Pakistan.

Taxocrate provides unmatched tax services and consultancy in Karachi and Islamabad which includes registration and filing of Income Tax, Sales Tax, Property Tax, or other taxes. Our highly qualified income tax lawyers, consultants, and advisors hold years of experience in working with different clients in various industries. At Taxocrate, the proficient income tax advisors in the Karachi head office and income tax lawyers in Islamabad regional office will provide you with complete information on taxes as per the requirement of your business. Our expert tax consultants will not only save your precious time but also prevent you from undesirable tax penalties.

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