NTN Registration & NTN Certificate: We offer Free online NTN certificate in Karachi & Islamabad

NTN Registration & NTN Certificate
Free Online NTN Certificate & Free FBR NTN Registration at Karachi & Islamabad

Free NTN Registration and NTN Certificate

NTN Registration & NTN Certificate: We offer Free online NTN certificates at our Karachi & Islamabad offices. Call us for your NTN certificate online. We charge NO FEE For NTN Registration Certificate. FBR Registration with NTN Number is a duty of every taxable income-earning citizen.  For this purpose, Free NTN Registration Certificate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi may be created through Taxocrate (Pvt) Limited and Pak Legal Forum. For payroll, taxes, benefits, health care, and other government policies, Pakistan uses its National Tax Number (NTN). The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) collects taxes in Pakistan through the National Tax Number (NTN).

NTN Certificate & Free FBR NTN Registration Service in Karachi & Islamabad 

NTN certificate and FREE FBR NTN Registration service is being provided in our Karachi and Islamabad offices. Anyone who does have an NTN, can visit and get free NTN. People who are already registered with FBR and have their NTN numbers, are also welcome to visit our offices in Karachi, Islamabad and also Lahore, to get the print of their online NTN certificate verified copy and/or Taxpayer’s Registration Certificate.

NTN is Needed By Anyone Who Earns Taxable Income

 It’s a legal requirement to register every taxable activity, no matter how much money it makes or how marketable it is. An NTN is needed by anyone who earns a salary or commission. Taxes are calculated with the NTN. Also, an NTN is necessary for many important government documents, such as opening a bank account or applying for a new electricity or gas line. 

You Require Understanding the NTN Process

You require understanding the NTN process before you can get into some of its essential details. You’ll need it if you file an income tax return, for example. As soon as you’ve been registered, your CNIC number becomes your Income Tax Registration Number, which is equivalent to the NTN number. Anyone who registers themselves with FBR, regardless of whether they are a company, a group of people, or a foreign national, will be considered registered. Taxocrate lets you get your NTN free.

Free NTN Registration

Why NTN Registration & NTN Certificate is required?

NTN Registration is required to the consumers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations, as well as NGOs and non-profit organizations, to demonstrate income generation. Whereas, an NTN certificate is required for opening a business bank account. When you get cash advances from banks, buy cars or properties, or transfer money, you’ll have to pay an enhanced withholding rate if you don’t file an income duty return. You’re already an assessee once you get your NTN, so you have to file your annual tax return. Businesses that own NTN can gain many benefits, and NTN helps them grow.

Government Offers many benefits to NTN Holders

Patriotic and loyal to the nation, NTN holders pay taxes honestly and are loyal to their country. On a business and individual level, the government can offer many benefits to NTN holders and income taxpayers. Government contracts can be acquired, auctions can be attended, and taxpayers can make contact with the government. Generally speaking, taxpayers are viewed as noble, honest, sincere, and honest, which means they are relaxed and thought well of on the international stage. A taxpaying person whose assets are reported honestly and whose taxes are paid on time and in full is seen as a good citizen. A taxpayer who becomes a public employee or gets a public title can’t be disqualified.

FBR Registration & Obtaining NTN Certificate For Companies is Mandatory

According to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, every public and private company must get Registration with FBR & obtain NTN to file yearly, quarterly, and bi-annually WHT income tax returns. In 2001, the Income Tax Constitution created an endless tax number that doesn’t have to be renewed. NTN registration in Pakistan is now easy and simple. Taxocrate will help you to get your NTN within no time. All businesses need a registration number or NTN. Since no other regulatory or registration authority recognizes a sole proprietorship in this country, the only way to identify one is by their income tax identification number known as NTN. They can also open a bank account using their NTN.

How to get Free NTN Registration in Pakistan?

Free NTN Numbers in Pakistan can be obtained in Islamabad and Karachi from the Taxocrate offices. Our legal team has dealt with many types of businesses in a variety of diligence in the past. We handle legal documents and procedures for NTN enrollment; for individuals and businesses. We will not only guide you through the NTN enrollment process and help you form tax returns, but we will also handle all the income tax and sales tax filing work for you so you can concentrate on your business peacefully. Just a phone call away, you can reach our experienced attorneys and legal counsels. Give us a call today for NTN enrollment and income tax return filing.

How to get Free NTN Certificate in Pakistan?

You can visit our office to get a Free NTN certificate in all big cities of Pakistan, such as Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. We also offer income tax and sales tax filing and registration services to all Pakistanis living in any city of Pakistan through our offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Free NTN Certificate For Salaried Individuals

Taxocrate (Pvt) Ltd. offers its services for free to individuals who are salaried or run small businesses. Filing taxes is advantageous for those who consider themselves loyal to their state of residence. Non-tax filers pay higher levels of vehicle tax, bank tax, property tax, etc. If you are a salaried person or running a small business, you can get your NTN free from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) with the assist of Taxocrate (Pvt). Ltd.

Documents Required for NTN Registration Certificate

The following documents are required to get an NTN Registration Certificate:

  1. Copies  of CNIC of all Directors/ Shareholders/ Subscribers 
  2. A copy of the company’s latest paid Electricity Bill 
  3.  Deeds or Lease Agreement (Lease Agreement on stamp paper) 
  4.  National Tax Number for all Directors/ Shareholders/ Subscribers of the Company 
  5.  Certified copies of Articles & Memorandum of the Company 
  6. Certified Copy of the Incorporation Certificate 
  7.  Certified copies of Objectification Form II 
  8.  Bank Account Maintenance Certificate 
  9.  Contacts and Email addresses 
  10.  A letter of authority issued by all directors of the company to authorize one director as company representative for the NTN enrollment before the FBR authorities Type of business

Get Our Expert Help in NTN registration & Tax Filing in Islamabad

Get your NTN registration for free using the expert help of Taxocrate Pvt. Ltd, Islamabad. Our Legal experts have decades of experience in company registration, firm registration, and NTN registration, etc. 

We’re Taxocrate, and we’re here to help you make sure your taxes are in order! If you have a business in Pakistan, you need to make sure that you’re staying on the right side of the law. That’s why we offer income tax and sales tax registration and filing services to all Pakistanis living in any city of Pakistan through our offices in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad cities. 

So whether you’re seeking a free NTN registration in Pakistan, or a Sales Tax Registration Certificate (STRN), we’ve got you covered. Another popular service is our Sales Tax Return Filing Services, which can be quite daunting if it’s your first time doing it on your own. We also offer Income Tax Return Filing Services for individuals and businesses.

Our team members are highly trained professionals who will walk you through the entire process with care and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service so that when you walk out of our office, you’re confident that your taxes are taken care of properly.

So don’t put off visiting us—the sooner we get started taking care of your taxes, the better off your business will be! Come by one of our offices today!

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Feel free to contact us for company registration, firm registration, NTN registration and Income Tax Returns Filing at our ISLAMABAD OFFICE. 

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